Masonry Repair

The decision to replace or repair damaged masonry is one of the most valuable investments a Massachusetts homeowner can make. The masonry around your home protects your structures and your family from high winds, snowy weather and freezing temperatures.

At Professional Masonry and Construction we have over 20 years experience helping Massachusetts homeowners recapture the look and feel that defines an “authentic” Massachusetts home. From stone walls to stone siding and chimneys to fireplaces, we understand masonry. No project is too small and no project is too large. We are masonry craftsmen. We take pride in our work. We have the experience to inspect and identify the exact cause and extent of your masonry damage.

When it comes to reliable Massachusetts masonry repairs, knowing how masonry structures are constructed determines the quality of the repairs. We provide honest inspections based upon realistic expectations of durability, service requirements and projected repair costs. Our masons are thoroughly trained to identify all of the issues associated with restoring the authenticity to your Massachusetts home.

Once our expert masonry repair contractor identifies the issue with the wall, we will work to ensure that crack is fully repaired to prevent further damage. If you suspect your masonry is in need of repair give us a call today!